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Socotab EOOD


Construction of 4 Controlled Atmosphere Chambers for insect treatment of tobacco


Radinovo, Plovdiv



Project information

By reducing the oxygen level in a gas-tight room to less than 0.5%, the system is able to achieve a 100% mortality rate for all insects in all development stages: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.

Controlled Atmosphere / Low Oxygen Treatment is completely safe and natural: since no chemicals are applied, no (toxic) residues remain on the stored product and insects are unable to build up resistance. This natural treatment method meets the strictest regulations for fumigation, including those that apply for organic food supply (EEC 2092/91 and NOP).

The volume of the individual chambers exceeds 700 C48 cartons (>7 pcs. 40 Ft containers).

The Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Chambers have been designed to optimize the logistical flow.

They are the first CA chambers for treatment of tobacco realized in Bulgaria.


Project in partnership w/ “b-Cat”, the Netherlands

  • Panel construction of CA stores
  • Installation of overhead gas-tight doors 5x4m
  • Installation of an air compressor
  • Installation of heating and humidification systems
  • Installation of ULO / CA system
  • Installation of a remote monitoring and control system


  • b-Cat O2 scrubber
  • Salco doors
  • Atlas Copco Air compressor
  • Control system b-Cat App|ell controller with fully automatic treatment program
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