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We focus on meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations of quality, reliability, performance and value.

Our dedicated design, project management and site commissioning teams work closely together from concept to engineered solution.

Design & Planning

Our design team is experienced in developing solutions using different types of systems including refrigeration, HVAC, ULO/CA and others.

We cover complete system design, including compressor units, heat exchangers, pipe work, electrical specification and controls.

Accurate planning and coordination with all specialists ensures optimal results for investors and operators.

Project Management & Construction

We can provide a number of construction services for turn key solutions.

Working in partnership with customers, planners, suppliers and contractors ensures projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Our proactive approach includes regular reviews to monitor progress.

Commissioning & Analysis

Your plant is a valuable asset and needs to be working at optimum performance to provide safe operation, energy efficiency and reliability.

Our specialist engineers can inspect equipment condition and operating performance to highlight any areas for improvement.

A proactive approach will help identify problem areas and our solutions can help improve efficiency, reduce energy costs and also the costs of downtime caused by an emergency situation.

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