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Klimex.BG in partnership with b-Cat High Altitude builds systems that simulate altitude also known as Hypoxic Training. We bring the mountains, of any altitude, to your own room.

Since High Altitude training has multiple physiological effects, it can be used for different client groups. Depending on the purpose to be achieved, individuals either benefit from (light) exercise at altitude, sleeping at altitude or from intermittent altitude exposure. For all these applications, b-cat has developed a range of suitable solutions, from altitude tents, (convertable) bed rooms, to special products (like trucks) and environmental climate chambers. When exposed to altitude, everyone will have its own pace of acclimatization and physiological response.
To be able to expose each individual to the optimum altitude level (depending on the purpose, the individual response and acclimatization level), the b-Cat system meticulously creates an atmosphere similar to any altitude level. In this way, you can train or sleep at altitude without going to the mountains.

The b-Cat High Altitude systems are used in sports facilities, research institutions and universities worldwide, but can also be used in your own home.

What are some of the benefits to altitude training?

The following physiological reactions have been shown to occur during altitude training

  • Stimulation of lipid metabolism (fat burning)
  • Amplified pulmonary oxygen absorption (oxygen uptake or VO2)
  • Stimulation of the generation of red blood cells
  • Decreased average heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improved oxygen transportation throughout the body
  • Increased capillarization for greater oxygen delivery to the tissues, muscles and brain
  • Allows for efficient use of oxygen for energy production
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