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“Fruktalina” OOD






Delivery of cherry sorting line. Design, delivery and installation of ice water system and packaging room.

Project information

In 2023 the company undertook an expansion of its base for storage, sorting and packaging of fruits in the village of Balgarevo, Kavarna Municipality. In order to fully meet the demand for sorted and packaged produce, the company purchased and installed a line for optical sorting and calibration of cooled cherries /by size, color and defects/ with a capacity of up to 1.5t/hour. The cherries enter through a feeding tank with ice water and exit to a labeling and palletizing room, which is air-conditioned at 8°C. The pallets with the packed cherries are then stored in cold rooms, where they are further cooled to 1°C before shipping to clients.


    • Delivery of sorting line
    • Panel construction of palletizing room
    • Delivery and installation of a chill door
    • Delivery and installation of condensing units
    • Delivery and installation of evaporators
    • Delivery and installation of a “falling film” chiller system
    • Delivery and installation of LED lighting system


  • Heat Transfer Technology AG “falling film chiller”
  • BOCK and Tecumseh condensing units
  • Güntner evaparators
  • SALCO doors
  • Dixell controls
  • OctoLED lights
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