Ice room for SPA center

Investor: S.I.²L.A. Sports Complex
Location: Plovdiv
Commissioning: May 2017

Project information

Tailor made ice room for the SPA center of one of the most modern sports facilities in Bulgaria.

Here you can take a dip in the ice pool with water temperature of 5oC, use a shock bucket with the same temperature or rub your body on the ice walls and pour some ice on you from the bowl.


  • Panel construction
  • Design, delivery and installation of stainless steel heat exchange panels
  • Design, delivery and installation of refrigeration system
  • Design, delivery and installation of a lighting system
  • Delivery and installation of flake ice machine


  • Tecumseh condensing unit
  • SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers
  • Scotsman ice-maker
  • Dixell PLC w/ custom control sofware


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