Compressors & Condensing Units


Reciprocating Compressors

Broad range of energy efficient and reliable reciprocating compressors for household refrigerators and freezers, air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration applications including foodservice to walk-in coolers.

The compressors can be used for a vast range of applications, in single, multi-compressor and cascade systems, inverter operation. Appropriate for traditional HFC, HCFC based refrigerants and new HFO low-GWP refrigerants and Natural refrigerants.

Rotary Compressors

High efficiency rotary compressors provide enhanced reliability, reduced sound and maximum flexibility with vertical and horizontal installation options for air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Scroll Compressors

Hermetic scroll compressors are used particularly in air conditioning and heat pump applications. They offer high cooling capacity, reliability, exceptional energy efficiency and low noise levels.

Condensing Units

A condensing unit typically is a high side assembly of a refrigeration system. It is an assembly of compressor, condenser, fan motor, controls and a mounting plate. It has the function of a heat exchanger to cool down and condensate the incoming refrigerant vapor into liquid and a fan for blowing outside air through the heat exchanger section to cool the refrigerant inside. Condensing units have various designs and come in many sizes ranging from small household appliance units to very large industrial scale units used in factory processes.


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